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Territory is Life: Women’s Perspectives on Land and Water from Guatemala

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Energy For What? And For Whom? “For thousands of years, the river protected our ancestors and our ancestors took...

Theology of Liberation: Origin and Growth in Latin America

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Introduction In the following essay I will look at the significance of liberation theology for human rights in Latin...

The Historical Context of the Crises of the 1980s in Central America

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At the height of the Cold War, in the 1980s, Central America suddenly became the focus of world attention....

On the move, for 40 years

Anniversary Event


Caminando, the CDHAL‘s education and commitment magazine, is a bi-annual journal that aims to disseminate alternative information on the struggles of Latin American social movements and grassroots groups, giving voice to human rights defenders and activists across the Americas.


Caminando is a member of SODEP.

Caminando’s articles are now available on Érudit, EBSCO and EbscoHost.

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“Caminando” Song

This song was composed for the 40th anniversary of the magazine in 2020.

Text : Joelle Gauvin-Racine / Music : Dominic Bienvenue / Voice and inspiration : Giulietta Di Mambro